The Camberwell Arms Store

We are delighted to have transformed the Camberwell Arms into a grocery store and delivery service, and we continue to serve customers old and new (albeit from a distance). 

From Our Home, To Yours



Cook At Home

Signature dishes from our restaurant are now available for delivery and collection. Designed to share, simply finish off in the oven at home.


Daily Essentials

Daily essentials courtesy of our favourite suppliers as well as fresh pasta, Focaccia and seasonal fruit pastries made by Camberwell Arms


Wine, Beer and Spirits

Wines from our favourite producers, craft beer courtesy of our neighbours Orbit Brewery and a range of spirits for all the classics.



Camberwell Arm's Essentials Hamper

We are excited to launch a hamper full of essentials from our favourite suppliers and the best sellers from our store. Available for delivery on Mondays and Tuesdays across Camberwell, Peckham and East Dulwich.

All the fresh fruit and vegetables come courtesy of Natoora, one of our favourite suppliers. Natoora source fruit and vegetables during their real seasonal window, bringing back bolder flavours and supporting small-scale, sustainable farming practices.

Our dairy range is carefully sourced from the best producers across the country and Camberwell Arms will be baking Focaccia, fresh pasta and seasonal fruit pastries every day.

For a full list of items included visit the page below

Hampers for Heroes

We were incredibly sad to hear first-hand of the difficulty frontline NHS staff have had getting hold of food essentials, due to long shifts and empty supermarkets. We all feel a huge sense of gratitude and admiration for anyone in the NHS so we have decided to try and help. 

Hampers for Heroes is an initiative where you can “buy one, give one”. If you select this option you will receive a Camberwell Arms Essentials Food Hamper and we will provide one to the NHS. We’ll cover the delivery cost for every hamper sent to the NHS.

We have agreed a partnership with our Camberwell neighbours, King’s College Hospital, to ensure that every hamper gets directly to frontline NHS staff and we adhere to all relevant health and safety requirements in the process.